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You’ve picked your perfect bold lip color… now what about the rest of your makeup? Kate teaches us how to create balance when rocking a bold lip in this week’s Q&A with Kate. 

Kate McCarthy shows us how to create a stunning Evil Queen Halloween look using glo minerals. 

Kate McCarthy shares her top mineral makeup application tips in this week’s Q&A with Kate. What are you top mineral makeup application tips?
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Get to know our national makeup artist, Kate McCarthy!
Today we are filming fun Halloween look videos with Kate McCarthy! 

Take your look from Desk to Date Night with these tips from glo minerals National Makeup Artist Kate McCarthy.

Get the look:

We love this pretty day look using the Majestic Jungle Collection! 

Kate McCarthy shows us how to get the perfect cat eye. 

Products used: 

Eye Texture Brush

Lid Primer

Precise Micro Eyeliner 

Dual Camouflage Brush

Under-eye Concealer 

Kate McCarthy filming a tutorial on how to make green eyes pop! (Taken with Instagram at Gloprofessional)

Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Achieving a “Stay-Cation” Glow

Q: Hi Kate! I am on a budget this summer, which means no exotic vacations anytime soon, but I would still love to get that tropical vacation glow during my “stay-cation”. Do you have any tips for achieving a radiant summer skin at home?

Kate McCarthy: To obtain that tropical glow (without leaving home) think treatment AND make up. Start your mornings off with some Vitamin C. I like the 15% Vitamin C Serum. This will protect your skin from daily elements and brighten your complexion, giving you a healthy vibrant glow. For makeup less will be more. Use the Protecting Powder SPF 30 in bronze all over your face (pull down to your chest) top cheeks with a little Blush in papaya, and your lips with Gloss in bronze. Throw some Eye Shadow in sand pebble on your lids (lash line to crease) and load your lashes up with Water Resistant Mascara. You will have that nice natural, ‘I don’t need make up because I just got back from the island, #wheresmydaiquiri?’ look about you.  No one needs to know that you actually didn’t go to St. Tropez for a week… Happy Stay-cation!

Do you have a question for Kate? Leave it in the comments below! 

gloProfessional Video Exclusive: Flawless Foundation

Kate McCarthy guest post - “Bronzy” and the Beast

Beast in this case is not Prince Charming but rather harmful UV rays and ‘Bronzy’ is you. It always shocks me to see that in this day and age people still have not learned that taking an extra 3 minutes per day can save your skin from harmful and sometimes deadly UV damage (not to mention signs of aging!). I say 3 minutes because you should reapply protection AT LEAST three times a day and it really only takes one minute to get yourself covered from head to toe! Let’s Practice Safe Sun… we can even make it cool by abbreviating that saying #LPSS (everyone on Facebook and Twitter will want to know what it means… we could start a revolution!!!)

The products I have in my arsenal for protection are as follows:
glo therapeutics 15% Vitamin C Serum
glo therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40+
glo therapeutics SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer
glo minerals Protective Liquid Foundation - Satin II (I wear honey fair)
glo minerals Protecting Powder SPF 30

The products I have in my arsenal to fool any on looker into believing I worship the sun:
glo minerals Shimmer Brick in luster
glo minerals Bronze
glo minerals Body Bronzer
glo minerals Body Glisten in sunlight
glo minerals Gloss in bronze

I always start with 15% Vitamin C Serum on my face, neck and chest as it offers protection from free radicals and helps heal current damage. Then I apply SPF. If I need extra moisture I use SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer, if not I stick with my Oil Free SPF 40+. Most of us do not want to re-apply sunscreen on top of our make up during the day, so I use Protecting Powder SPF 30. You can use it on your body too, if you want a bronze look, choose the bronze shade, or opt for translucent (your choice.) The best thing about the Protecting Powder SPF 30 in bronze is that you can do a little body contouring as well… (No one needs to know that those abs you created were NOT by doing sit ups.)

As far as faking a tan goes, it is so much easier than sitting in the hot sun or paying to sit in a tanning bed and smelling like burnt skin for the rest of the day… Try a body bronzer that washes off at the end of the day and a powder bronzer for your face. If you want that all over bronze look don’t worry about “where to place the bronzer” just put an even amount all over your face using a fluffy powder brush, same goes for the body bronzer.

Skin cancer is “a tale as old as time” BUT with these products you can make your tale a healthy bronze one. I promise no one will know the difference, except you…and if you’re me, my cats know that my sun kissed skin and six pack are fake, but who are they going to tell?

Until next time!

Kate McCarthy is the National Makeup Artist for glo minerals.