July 29th, 2014
Each season brings its own set of skincare challenges and summer is no exception. Humidity, heat waves and blasting air conditioners can all cause our skin to react in less than desirable ways. Our summer skin dilemmas often depend on our geographic location so we’re offering tips for every region!
Hot and Humid Climates: If your state falls into this category (hello South!) you are all too aware of the havoc humidity can wreak on your look. Fight the effects of humidity with lightweight moisturizing serums like B5 Hydration or Pure Hydration. These Serums will give your skin the drink of water it needs without the added heaviness associated with a moisturizer.
Next, apply a lightweight Primer to keep your makeup in place then apply Pressed Base. Pressed Base is a go-to product for anyone worried about humidity because it’s lightweight, long lasting, delivers semi-matte to matte coverage and won’t clog your pores. You can add even further humidity protection by finishing with Matte Finishing Powder or Perfecting Powder to help absorb oil and shine for a polished look.
Hot and Dry Climates: In states like Colorado and Utah the summer weather is hot and dry which can cause skin to feel tight, dry and flakey. You can combat the dry climate by picking a moisturizer that is lightweight but packed with strong moisturizing ingredients such as Oil Free Moisturizer.
It’s also important to remember to apply sunscreen daily in states with higher elevations because you are closer to the sun’s damaging rays. Here at the Denver office, which is located a mile above sea level, we love Moisturizing Tint SPF 30 because it provides color correction, moisture and has the SPF we need to stay pretty and protected!  
Hot and Hotter Climates: States like Arizona and New Mexico see highs in the upper 100s. And while there is little to no humidity, you still risk melting makeup due to extremely high temperatures. This may seem counterintuitive but adding a spritz of moisture with our Moist Hydration Mist will not only help keep you cool, but will help your mineral makeup last longer.
We also recommend trying a lightweight, moisturizing base such as Sheer Tint Base. This base feels almost non-existent on the skin while providing enough coverage to mask imperfections. In addition to its coverage, it is formulated with our signature blend of antioxidants to help nourish and protect your skin.

Air Conditioning Warning: Regardless of your location, most indoor offices, restaurants and shops blast the air conditioning in the summer. Air conditioners have a tendency to dry out the air leaving your skin feeling dry and dull. If you are an air conditioning addict try a soothing and moisturizing mask like Soothing Gel Mask once a week to help cool, calm and heal your skin.

June 10th, 2014
Andrea came to us 3 months ago hoping to improve her oily, acne-prone skin before her upcoming summer wedding. “I would have nightmares about big, huge pimples in my wedding pictures and it was scary!” she told Kristin, our glo therapeutics International Educator & Product Developer. Together with our experienced team, Andrea embarked on a 3 month skin care overhaul and the the results are remarkable. “I am more confident and feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel like I am truly glowing!”

Read more from Andrea below and learn how you can follow a similar routine by contacting your local esthetician.

glo: Describe your skin before you started the treatment series.

Andrea: I had several breakouts that never seemed to go away. They were usually around my chin and jawline. My skin was super oily as well. I would continuously blot my face because it was so oily. My skin made me feel self conscious and definitely affected my confidence level.  

glo: Describe your dedication to your at home routine.

Andrea: I was very dedicated. Once I got my at home regimen from Kristin, I made sure to follow it to a tee. I wanted my skin to clear up and wanted to be acne free and less oily before my wedding in July.  

glo: Describe the progression/change in your skin during the treatment series.

Andrea: I noticed results right away! My skin started feeling less oily within the first couple weeks and the blemishes began to disappear shortly after. It looked especially great after the professional treatments. My favorite treatment was the Salicylic!

glo: Describe your skin after the treatment series.

Andrea: My skin has maintained its glow which is amazing! Every once in a while I get a random break out due to hormones or stress but overall my skin is much clearer and looks amazing!

glo: Would you recommend the treatment series to a friend?

Andrea: Yes! People started noticing the changes in my skin within a month of beginning my at home regimen. My family and friends were astonished and even began asking me for skin care tips. People I just met could not believe I had ever had any breakouts. Now I recommend glo skin care products to my family and friend all the time!

Andrea’s Treatment Series:

Andrea began her at-home regimen one month before receiving her first professional treatment. Here is her month-by-month treatment information:

Morning Skincare Routine:

Evening Skincare Routine:

Refining Mask 2 X a week

Professional Treatment Series:

1st Professional Treatment - Enzyme: Smoothes skin’s surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build up.
2nd Professional Treatment - Salicylic 30% - Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties to help treat acne and rejuvenate the skin.
3rd Professional Treatment -  Glycolic 30% followed by Salicylic Acid 30% - Effectively aids in regulating oily skin while helping regenerate and repair uneven skin tone and texture.

To find a local glo esthetician please call 1-800-232-0398.

April 10th, 2013
About Retinol:Simply put, Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A for your skin— and is relied on in the skin care industry for its powerful anti-aging properties. Vitamin A can be absorbed through foods such as kale, sweet potatoes and carrots, but when applied directly via a serum, it can do wonders for the skin.

About Retinol:
Simply put, Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A for your skin— and is relied on in the skin care industry for its powerful anti-aging properties. Vitamin A can be absorbed through foods such as kale, sweet potatoes and carrots, but when applied directly via a serum, it can do wonders for the skin.

November 15th, 2012

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