June 22nd, 2012

Kate McCarthy guest post - What to Wear to Summer Tea

…and by tea I mean margaritas! (Who drinks HOT tea in the summer?) Like I said last time, color is in full force this summer. Bright or pastel, you better believe I am rocking both. I think my favorite part of lazy summer weekends is the endless variety of places you can go to relax and sip a marg. You have back yards, rooftop patios, romantic sun rooms, wrap around porches, a private beach (those are everywhere in Denver) or the lake. For some reason when I want to relax and have some good ol’ downtime I gravitate toward softer colors in my wardrobe and my makeup. Take a gander at what I would wear while lounging around on a warm summer day (I am aware that I used the word gander…too late to turn back now.)

If you want to achieve a soft pastel lip grab any of your favorite lip colors from fall or winter, add a touch of Concealer to it as well as a pinch of white or pastel shimmer Eye Shadow. My current combo is: Sheer Lipstick in bali, Concealer in golden, and a big dose of Eye Shadow in lilac, if you are up on pop culture get ready for some Nicki Manaj lips! If you wanted a true lavender lip like I’ve seen popping up on runways grab some Lipstick in willow, Eye Shadow in lilac and Gloss in lilac luster (think 2:1 ratio shadow to lip stick).

Of course you should play around with different combos too, don’t be afraid to mix something crazy, some may turn out awful and should never see the light of day on anyone’s lips, BUT others just may steal the spotlight! (And look great on a margarita glass.)

Until next time!

Kate McCarthy is the National Makeup Artist for glo minerals.
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