March 14th, 2012

Quickly Camouflage a Tattoo

Who would have thought that what was considered a sign of rebellion just a few years ago is now decorating the lower backs, wrists, and shoulders of everyone from soccer moms to the socialites. Whether an intricate design, symbol, or loved one’s name, tattoos have gone mainstream and generally don’t carry the same stigma that they used to. Nevertheless, there are still some situations where you don’t want “I ♥ Bobby” on full display. When those pop up – like a formal event, job interview, or dinner with your conservative relatives – have these few things on hand and Bobby will be your little secret.

1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin.

2. Take a peach or red pencil (Precision Eye Pencil) and outline the most pigmented areas of your tattoo to neutralize the color, then follow up with a corrective concealer(Corrective Camouflage Kit) - here’s a guide

3. Take a medium to full coverage foundation (Loose Base) and using a Kabuki or Ultra Brush begin adding layers of foundation as needed to cover.

4. Spray the area between layers of makeup with Brush Cleaner. The alcohol content in Brush Cleaner sets the makeup in place over the tattoo.

5. Finish with a generous dusting of Perfecting Powder before one last spray of Brush Cleaner.