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Sep 01

The Coolest Cooler: Kickstarter record the cult coolbox

The iconic Cooler The Coolest Cooler has set a new record of all kickstarter projects. With financing total of approximately 10.3 million dollars The Coolest Cooler is the best-funded crowdfunding project of all time and even beats the records of the Pebble SmartWatch and Ouya games console.

The Coolest Cooler breaks Kickstarter records
Ryan Grepper, inventor of the iconic icebox, launched via Kickstarter , a crowdfunding campaign to realize his “Coolest Cooler” can. But already in the first days the desired funding amount was achieved with almost $ 300,000 donations per day. Meanwhile, the record amount is 10,352.765 dollars. And from a record can be here already talk indeed. Previous Kickstarter highlights how Pebbles SmartWatch achieved “only” about 10.2 million dollars. The games console Ouya is around 8.5 million dollars. The Kickstarter cooler brings a built-in mixer, Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, bottle opener, LED lighting and many other smart extras - in our video we show you The Coolest Cooler in action

Lizard Squad: Hacker group continues to spread chaos

A hacker group that provides for several days with attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network gaming machine of Blizzard and other services for a little chaos in the network and unstable server, is reportedly planning further attacks. Finally, the group harassed numerous streamer on the Games Twitch platform, which was recently bought by Amazon for nearly a billion dollars. Only after quite known video-maker wrote down the name of the hacker group on the forehead and published photographic evidence on Twitter, the attackers stopped their attacks on Twitch.

Now they are threatening to their own Twitter channel but to further actions: For the gaming convention PAX in Seattle, which takes place from 29 August to early September, they announced a “big party” at. And the journalist Brian Krebs, who through his reporting on Cyber ??Crimes on is known, the hackers already slipped through the crosshairs